The Best Highlights of Mobile World Congress 2017 (#MWC17)

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Best Highlights Mobile World Congress MWC17

Mobile World Congress 2017 has been a big success. This year, it received 7% more participants than the last edition, making a total of 108.000 attendees. From Oh! my brand, we want to say goodbye to #MWC17 with this article, where we summarize the best highlights.

New phone releases

LG surprised us with a new mobile phone, fully designed to satisfy what users value the most: a big screen. Moreover, they also made the body of the phone very easy to use with the hand. The new LG G6 also became the first smartphone to use Dolby Vision technology, which significantly improved the sharpness of the colors.

Huawei has not lagged behind with the improvements either and launched the new Huawei P10. The device has a 5,1-inch screen, a dual camera, and a strong processor with an elegant finish. Furthermore, the fingerprint sensor was moved to the frontal part of the phone, with an oval shape, and now permits the navigation on the screen.

Nokia had promised to everyone the return of its emblematic Nokia 3110. However, the model they introduced had very little in common with the classic Nokia. Although it has almost the same functionalities, -being perfect for making phone calls and receiving SMS-, we expected a model more similar to the original.

Samsung, as you may already know, could not get finished his new Galaxy S8 on time. Anyway, this was no reason to leave the assistants without news. They took the opportunity to introduce the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. A tablet much more light and thin than the last model, with a silver finish and an S Pen.

Nevertheless, the business that amazed us the most was Sony, with Xperia XZ Premium. This device has an excellent photo camera: the best in the market to make slow motion recordings. The camera, named Motion Eye, is able to record videos of 960 frames by second. We have no doubt that Xperia XZ Premium deserved the award “Best New Smartphone”.

Vodafone and IoT

We noticed about the interest that Vodafone had with IoT (Internet of Things), thanks to the raffle that they run for the #MWC17. Vodafone prized all the companies with good ideas in this sector with free tickets for attending the Congress. At #MWC17, they introduced a connected exoskeleton to improve the mobility of people affected by a physical disability, and intelligent sensors that allow people with vision problems “to see” through their ears.

Oppo’s optical zoom for smartphones

The Asiatic brand Oppo demonstrated that mobile devices are getting closer to photographic cameras. In order to show this, they put a stand with a miniature city, which details could only be appreciated by using the smartphones with Oppo’s optical zoom. The zoom allows taking photos from 5X real zoom up to 10X digital zoom. In both cases, the images showed are completely sharpen. I do not know about you, but Oh! my brand found it very useful, and we already imagined ourselves checking the name of the streets further away with Oppo’s optical zoom.


Are there women working in the tech sector? The Women4Tech event that took place during the Mobile World Congress, had the mission to address the inclusion of women in the mobile industry. The topics addressed in the conferences were: equal opportunity among men and women and how to expose young girls to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields, so they are prepared to fill this positions in the future.

Oh! my brand hopes that you enjoyed the Mobile World Congress as much as we did: letting ourselves be surprised by the launches and looking forward to #MWC18.

The Best Highlights of Mobile World Congress 2017 (#MWC17)

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