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Leading an innovative surgical product into the digital world

Producto Rutilight de Swan Medical

Client:Swan Medical


  • Digital Strategy
  • UX /UI Design
  • Responsive Design
  • FullStack Development

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Swan Medical S.L., a leading company in the production of surgical equipment for the medical industry, managed to take its presence to the digital world through a visual and intuitive web page that helped to position its flagship product, the Rutilight, and to communicate its main advantages in a precise and distinct way.

Swan Medical cliente de la agencia digital

Is a company created in 2016 in Barcelona for the development and manufacture of surgical lighting devices.

Web responsive para Swan Medical


Swan Medical S.L.’s challenge was to create a website that would allow the company to show Rutilight, their main product, in the most attractive and visual way possible. Such website had to position it’s device as an innovative product in the surgical sector, and also to reach their target group effectively through digital.

Diseño de página web para Swan Medical

Our solution

First we made a detailed study of the client’s needs and its competition, and defined the steps to build the web, focusing on the product that our client wanted to feature. From there, we started with the definition of the structure, sections and visual style that the web was going to have, based on the target group and the industry.

The website has a minimalist, clean and aesthetic design. It reflects the brand’s identity, transparency and care for detail that represents Swan Medical S.L.

Through this website, the brand has managed to position itself in the market and reach different countries with a tailored letter of presentation for its product. In this way, it has managed to awaken the interest of international companies to market their product.

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