How to Integrate a Brand into the Digital Ecosystem

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Minestamp Digital Ecosystem
Minestamp digital ecosystem

In order to achieve relevance as a brand in the digital sector, it has to be set a system able to integrate resources and actions, allowing the brand to connect with the target naturally.

In this article we introduce you to Minestamp, the tempting project in which we have been working during the last months. We will explain you step by step how we have created a digital ecosystem to reinvent the brand. Are you ready?

1. Defining the digital marketing strategy

On the first place, we started the project defining the main competitors, these companies that meet the same needs: name all children’s belongings and clothes. No matter how, rubber stamps, iron-on labels, stickers… The goal was to define Minestamp’s competitive advantage among their competitors. So they could find a clear path to position the brand.

A great marketing strategy always has to highlight the differential values of the brand and to fit in very well with the needs, motivations and aspirations of the target audience. That is why we decided to position Minestamp as a reliable product to name the most valuable kid’s clothes and treasures safely, easily and quickly.

2. Creative Strategy – Branding

The creative strategy is the starting point for the development of the creative concept: a clear message, concrete and coherent, able to take the strategy to the customer’s field, and to guide all the brand communication in its different channels: website, social media, blog…

Minestamp needed a communication road that would synthetize all brand’s main attributes: accessible, human and unconditional. In addition, it had to accomplish a double intention: get mother’s trust and awake children’s curiosity.

This is how we got to the cross-cutting concept of “Ready to explore the world”, referring to the peculiar wish of adventure that children (and mothers) have, and the humanization of the product under the slogan “treasure marker”. Much more interesting than a simple marker, right?

Creative strategy for Minestamp

3. Website development and integration of a preview module

Once the strategy and the creative concept were set, it was time to start redesigning the website. This is, no more and no less, that the shop window where the target audience interacts and buys the product. So, the website had to be intuitive, pleasant and responsive. We designed the mockup and started working on it.

Simultaneously, our programmers designed the preview module, so the clients could see the design of the stamp with his kid’s name before the purchase. We knew that thanks to this module, we were making the customer’s journey easy, dynamic and, why not? Fun.

4. Website content and SEO strategy

Each website requires specific content, achieving a balance between text and image. What Minestamp website needed was: the design of the personalized stamps, the website copy and the copy for each product card. In addition, we also took care of taking the photos for all the products.

The categories of the personalized stamps were designed according to the age of the kids: youngsters, adventurers and globetrotters. Something that clearly differentiated us from the competitors. In order to write the suitable copy for each section and product card, we did a research on the best keywords for this sector, keeping an eye on the ones that the old website was ranked for, as well as for the ones that the competitors ranked for. This strategy allowed us to take advantage of the product cards, writing a short story for each stamp based on a different keyword. We wanted to make each product card unique and sweet.

Designs for Minesamp
Designs used for Minestamp's Social Media

5. From now on: tactical marketing plan for making the brand known

Once we made the pertinent tests and made sure that all the elements of the website (buttons, forms, payment getaways…) were perfectly working, it was time to spread the word. On the one hand, we designed a social media strategy for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

On the other hand, we prepared an advertisement campaign with influencers and trusted maternity and children’s leisure websites. It was crucial to spread the word of the brand collaborating with experts and influencers of the sector, that could test the product and share their personal experience building trust in the target audience.

How about you? Want to do the same with your brand?

Oh! my brand loves brands that make easier your daily life, offering creative solutions to everyday problems that take our time away. If you think that you have a good idea and do not know how to communicate it to your clients, we will accompany you in the process of redesigning your brand to integrate it into the digital ecosystem.

How to Integrate a Brand into the Digital Ecosystem

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