May we introduce you to…Oh!

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Oh! my Brand Digital Agency Barcelona
Oh! my Brand Team

So yes, it took us some time…

…actually almost a year. A year of planning, working and making things happen, with a lot of ups and downs and the standard-answer on monday mornings: “I’ve just worked this weekend.”  And now we finally launched our own website. But let’s start at the beginning:

“Summer 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. Sunshine, blue sky, heat. It’s hard to stay concentrated, especially when everybody is going to the beach to have a nice time and relax. Nevertheless a group of young, motivated and talented persons decide to meet and talk about an idea. The idea of reuniting their potencials to create something bigger, something better. And that’s the point where Oh! my brand is born.”

Okay, but what is Oh! my brand?

The short description: Oh! my brand is a group of talents based in Barcelona to provide profesional and creative services for companies and startups.

Everyone of us has a strong skill in different areas, for example graphic design or web design, but to create a strong brand and a successfull business, you need more than that, because it’s not just the website or just the logo. Everything has to work as a unit. It has to match perfectly together.

This is why we decided to get together as Oh! my brand. We want to offer our customers a full service from the beginning on and we want to accompany them in their way to success as a reliable partner, providing our knowledge and experience.

So..let’s get started together!

May we introduce you to...Oh!

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