The 5+1 MWC 2017 conferences that you shouldn’t miss

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MWC conferences
Conferencias MWC

Aside from the stands and the networking opportunities, the MWC offers a wide variety of conferences. You have the opportunity to discover the new trends and to discuss them with the leaders of the sector. Oh! my brand made a selection of the most groundbreaking conferences to help you schedule your agenda.

Modern Marketing Summit

Imagine the CMO of Mastercard and General Electric, together with the CTO of Nike discussing, debating and forecasting digital media’s landscape and marketplace. Not only will they be there, there will also be the CMO of Desigual and L’Oreal Spain, the president of the global marketing services of Johnsons & Johnsons and the president of content & social media of Ogilvy Mather, among others.

Taking into account that they come from very different marketplaces, we are excited to discover the points of coincidence between their respective marketing strategies.

Conferencias WMC

Mobile VR: Enhancing the Entertainment Experience

This conference will address how virtual reality will transform the future of video, entertainment, and user-generated content. It also pretends to examine how many capacity networks need to process effectively the information of the VR applications. Together with how devices and VR should be packaged to cover the needs of the systems.

Having worked with virtual reality in some of our projects of 2016, we’re thrilled to hear what experts have to say about these subjects.

Cars as a Service

This conference especially attracted our attention because of our interest in automate vehicles. Many experts debate about their functionalities and the variables that they will be based on to take a decision in a critical traffic situation. This conference goes beyond that and introduces the concept of ownerless vehicles.

Especially in urban areas, the vehicles remain unused 95% of the time and are rapidly depreciating. Ownerless cars will be customizable. Users will be able to personalize it according to the taste of the users, their mood, destination, the moment of the day and the musical preferences, among others. Saving up a lot of money, traffic jams, and resources!

The power of personalization

Every company knows the importance of capturing the attention of their clients. It’s crucial to offer them a user-friendly and personalized content experience. Otherwise, you risk to lose them forever. In this conference, you will learn how to capture the user’s attention and how to connect with them in a significant way. You’ll know first-hand some of the most relevant and customized experiences that exist until the moment. Together with the best ways to deliver this content to get the best visualization experience possible, not only of the content but also of the publicity that goes with it.

The Power of Personalization MWC

As an agency, we worry about the best ways to connect with our clients and also to help them to connect with theirs. We have no doubt that this approach will be inspiring.

5G Impact

5G will change the way that we have to use mobile phones and will improve a lot their functionalities. When people speaks about 5G, they will speak about improved medical services, connected societies, driverless vehicles and banking for the unbanked. In this conference, there will be introduced the prototypes that will be used as a basis of the modern 5G systems. In addition, it will be addressed the impact that will have 5G in virtual reality.

Experiencing some of the 3G and 4G limitations in some of the VR applications that we have developed, we want to be the first to know the improvements that are yet to come.

Hacking the User MWC

Social Engineering: Hacking the User

The experts in security know that the majority of the networks aren’t secure enough and can easily be hacked. They will also say that most of the time, bad human security habits are the responsible for security hacks. In this conference, there will be introduced some case studies and demonstrations to think about the capacity that operators have to prevent this kind of attacks. Digital security has always been a must in our company and we are very excited to share the strategies with others.

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The 5+1 MWC 2017 conferences that you shouldn’t miss

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