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Spidoh Model

Behind every big idea…

…a base, a core. Sometimes it is invisible, but it’s always present. It’s the starting point and at the same time the source of inspiration, in which all elements get combined and make sense.

Spidoh Methology

We found it in a corner in Mister Oh!s restaurant, after he returned from his well-deserved vacation. Right there a little friend had created his own business in the form of a perfect spider web, which is also a great example to explain our way to make things roll in Oh! my brand.

Inspired by the fabulous world of spiders …

…we present you SpidOh!, a model to define the path to a successful business.

Everything starts with the view towards the center. There is the base from which at the end the spider wants to monitor and control her spider web. It’s the strategy of the whole idea. Without this she couldn’t design her spider web, so that we have a key point here, just as it should be in every company. To achieve this position in the center, she must first create the four main pillars that are holding the entire structure:

  1. Focus on Customers
    Because without them, no business can exist.
  2. Coherence and Consistency
    It always requires discipline and foresight
  3. Increasing the ROI and strengthening the brand
    Ultimately, it has to be profitable and successful
  4. Versatility and Adaptability
    The market is changing continuously and you have to adapt

With the prepared columns, she can now begin to weave her web. The first strands symbolize the way we work:

Thinking about the customer focus we are now preparing an in-depth analysis. Many businesses fail in the market because they haven’t previously studied it well or simply don’t know who the own customers are. In Oh! my brand, we take the time to study these factors because we recognize the importance behind it. After the analysis, the preparation of the concept starts with the help of a strong tool called “Storytelling“. Of course, it has to work in accordance with the companies philosophy, but if it does, it can be a very powerful way, because everything is easier when it’s been told as a story.

One of the last points are our tools. We are always on the cutting edge of new technologies. The market is very versatile and we use the latest trends to help companies to get on track for tomorrow. And finally we have the continuity. We want to be not just a simple service provider, who delivers a job, cashed and disappears. We see ourselves more as a long-term partner, who wants to accompany, strengthen the brand and increase the sales.

And so the spider builds each section of the spider web and each strand has an important function:

Now it’s time to weave the core strands, which represent our tactical work. We start with the marketing, which gives a value to the brand and is suspended between analysis and storytelling. Here we define the marketing plan and positioning in the market of the company. This is followed by the branding, which brings to life the whole brand. Here we integrate the creative concept and the way how a company is presented. This includes the logo and corporate identity, just like the creative texts.

The third point is the technical development, as it can be a website, an app, or specific modules, such as virtual reality, business intelligence or gamification platforms. And once everything is ready, we start with the analysis of the results achieved and further optimize to increase the ROI and strengthen the business.

The result:

A solid and impressive web to get in touch with potential customers, because they are the key components to any business.

SpidOh! - Our way to make things work at Oh! my brand

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