The DNA of the entrepreneurial team

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El ADN del equipo emprendedor
DNA entrepreneurial team

How to find the common DNA between the team members

A new year with new stages begins. Many entrepreneurs face 2016 with the hope in a good year, a year in which their startup gains traction and finally get a huge boost. Thinking about what 2016 holds for your project can be very useful, especially when you think about defining your vision and small goals that must be fulfilled to achieve a long-term success.

DNA entrepreneurial team

When the funding team is made up of several people it is essential that all members share the same vision, as it will be part of the DNA of the startup.

Lining up a team to a common vision can be complex, especially when everyone has worked in other companies and has an own point of view of the project. This could cause conflicts between the team members.

What are the possibilities to align the team’s vision?

In Oh! my brand we used a simple storyboard game with our own creativity.

This game consists of imagining an ideal future of the project and defining a sequence of actions that need to be taken to achieve it, using words and pictures. It is very powerful to plant little seeds that serve to build the future we expect. To play it, the team needs to be divided into groups of 2 and a limited time needs to be set in which the teams define their personal ideal state of the company, fix the steps to be followed to reach it and draw each of them as an image sequence.

Possible questions:

  • Where do you see the project in one year?
  • What should we do to reach that goal?
  • What responsibilities do you want to have?
  • How much time are you willing to invest in the project?
  • What risks might come along the way?
  • How will you solve them?
DNA entrepreneurial team

Afterwards each group presents its story. Once the teams has finished, one of the team members explains what has inspired them and what similarities and differences they’ve found, etc.

The important thing about this game is the process of creating and sharing stories together. It’s a basic game that discovers the expectations of each member and helps to build a common vision focussing at the same time on the short-term objectives that will allow you to reach the happy ending: the success of your startup.

The DNA of the entrepreneurial team

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